Bully’s Blog

What a great game we’ve got in store at Molineux today when Villa come to town.

I’d love to say we’re going to win easily but I think it’s going to be a very tough game. All I hope is that it’s not a boring 0-0 draw but with our strike force I’m hoping that will be enough. It’s more or less a sell out so we know it’ll be a fantastic atmosphere. If the foreign players don’t know how loud Molineux can be, they’re going to find out. I just hope they don’t cramp up and retreat into their shell but from what we’ve seen this season that seems unlikely.

It takes time to build a team, Steve Bruce has found that out over the last few games and they’re on a hot streak at the moment, but I think all form goes out the window on derby days. Villa are an old fashioned team who will be sure to give us a tough game. I think all the games against Midlands teams are rated as important ones. But this one has added significance because of Wolves’s start to the season and Villa’s form.

Whatever’s happening with the clubs though you want to win them for the fans so they’ve got six months of bragging rights. My main memory of playing Villa is when we drew 1-1 at home and I got knocked out by Nigel Spinks as I headed the ball into the net. The doctor came on and gave me some smelling salts, held up his fingers and asked how many I could see. I think these days you’d be off to hospital.

There’s a good feeling around Molineux at the moment to be fair. We haven’t had it for a few years, that buzz and desire had gone out of the club. There’s been a new lease of life brought into the club from the top to the bottom, all the way through, chairman, manager, players. It just seems weird that the fans are laughing before and after games at the moment and it’s lovely. They deserve it, the fans, because they’ve been patient.  It’s a whole new turnaround from top to bottom, it’s not just one thing that’s done it.

Fingers crossed we’ll get a win today. It’ll be a tough game, but we’ll prove to the Portuguese contingent what it means to us.

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