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Wolves finally have some Premier League games coming up and I cannot wait to see them – even though we have to watch from home.

For now though, it is time to answer your questions. Let’s get stuck in.

Ignoring players/the stadium, what improvements would you like to see the club make, perhaps a dedicated academy/womens stadium? (@Kingwolf84)

To be fair, there is not much to improve. I think everything is stable within the coaching staff and playing staff.

There is not much. For some, in an ideal world, we would have a ground like Tottenham, or Manchester City. I would say we could do with a few more seats because we have got loads of season ticket-holders, but everything else is in place for us to go places.

In terms of the academy and the women, I think they will be looking at how they can improve all the time – they thrive on that community aspect and giving young people opportunities.

They will be looking at it every day but, on the whole, I would say Wolves have got everything they need to progress even further.

We all talk about the Conor Coady role. Can you think of any other players that have had a position named after them? (@PaulMansell10)

We did not have anything quite like that in my day, but Coady has earned that mantra as he plays every week by keeping himself fit and performing at a high level, so fair play to him.

You could, though, put Andy Mutch in that kind of bracket as it was me and him all the time.

We were there, first on the sheet. We did not take it for granted – we just knew if we were fit, we would be on there. Andy Thompson, left-back or right-back, would be in the side all day long as well. Me, Thommo and Mutchy were probably the ones.

How many people do you expect will beat you in your new trivia app? (@GaelleHolford)

Good question! I am not sure as the questions were quite varied – hard, easy, comical.

I was thinking ‘do I know these questions, am I putting myself under too much pressure?’

To be fair, I think a fair few will beat me, but will they do it at the right time? If you want to have a go, search for the ‘Beat Bully Trivia’ app.

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